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You know that old saying?


“Everything but the kitchen sink.”

I think most of us have heard it said at least once. When I thought about starting this blog, I took some time to think about the various things I wanted to post about. I didn’t want to be one of those bloggers who locks themselves into a specific topic or genre and then feel that they must continue in that vein. I’ve been that blogger myself in the past and it can be stifling.

So here I am, kitchen sink and all! 😉

This summer has seen me take up several new and exciting hobbies. Vegetable gardening, woodworking (probably won’t be a regular thing), fermentation, and crochet. I’ve even had my fair share of handy(wo)man moments, such as installing a ceiling fan and replacing a garbage disposal. I also love to cook and play around with new recipes of the Paleo variety.

All in all, I just wanted a place to document what’s new. Experiments, successes, failures–the whole kit and caboodle.

Welcome. I hope you find something to interest you.